A Kingscliff Summer Breeze…

This wedding exudes a Kingscliff Summer breeze with sophistication, check it out!!

Renee was such a stunning bride and so lovely to work with. I had the pleasure of doing this wedding with one of our fabulous stylists, Christina Serravalle. Christina is an amazing makeup artist and as such, she did all of the makeup and I did all of the hairstyling. I particularly loved doing these hairstyles as although the styles were similar each other each bridesmaid had the choice to change the style to suit them individually. This is such a lovely idea and allows the bridal party to feel as though they get to be a part of the organising

It was so lovely to stay down at Kingscliff for weekend and experience such an amazing place for the first time. A fabulous wedding destination and such a beautiful beach. I can’t wait to head back there again.
All of the beautiful photography was taken by the talented Tara Crosner from Tara Croser Photography (


The bridesmaids all had the option of choosing their own dresses as long as they fit the colour and theme. Renee’s dress was a stunning Babushka Ballerina Design. (




Christina and I had so much fun getting the girls ready. Renee had rented the most amazing house in Kingscliff and we enjoyed the luxury of being able to spread out and enjoy the house with the girls. (



Renee was not only a stunning bride she made all of the sweets and the cake for her wedding. Intricate designs with Renee’s touch of sophistication lead to an awesome sweets station at her wedding.
Renee has her own business – Sprinklebabe (

Anderson’s Ices were used for dessert as well and Renee said that it was a huge hit with her guests. (


Renee borrowed a Kombi off a family friend and this added to the whole beachside feel of the wedding.


Elyssium Blooms were used for the flowers and they were absolutely stunning. The flowers accented the romantic feel of the whole wedding and were the perfect addition to the overall theme. (


Renee was over the moon with her venue, Osteria. She said they were excellent and did everything she asked. ( The styling and decorative items were hired through Little Grey Station (

Such a beautiful wedding to be a part of and loved seeing all of the sophisticated little finishing touches Renee put together so beautifully.

PHOTOGRAPHY – Tara Croser Photography (
THE CAKE AND SWEETS – Sprinklebabe (
THE DRESS – Babushka Ballerina Design (
ICE CREAM STATION – Anderson’s Ices (
FLOWERS – Elyssium Blooms (
STYLING – Little Gray Station (







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