How to look your best on your Wedding Day!

When it comes to weddings we see every trend possible from the crazy wire perms to big fluffy dresses. We only have to take a look at our own mother’s wedding photos to see the bridal trends of the era. This is where most women fall short when it comes to choosing a look for their wedding day. We spend a fortune on amazing wedding photography and the last thing you want is to look back and be disappointed as your bridal look has dated. You can however, avoid this issue by choosing wisely the overall look you want to create. It’s all about enhancing a woman’s natural beauty.

My suggestion to my brides is to always choose something timeless as opposed to the latest trend. How do we do this?

Well it’s simple if you follow these tips….


By enhancing your natural beauty you will get it right every time. You should reflect the natural essence of you. Generally, if you guide your makeup artist to follow the makeup look you usually wear and then glam it up a bit you will get the right look. By keeping everything natural and avoiding anything that’s the latest trend you will create a classic timeless look. Avoid getting facials or introducing a new beauty routine too close to the wedding day as you could have a reaction. Stick with what you know and trust.


Make sure your brows are neatly shaped at least a few days out from the wedding. I recommend eyebrow threading as being the best option. Eyebrows need to have a dash of powder or pencil through them so they are not lost in photos. This is really important as foundation and powder will settle in the brows if it’s not removed and cause a washed out look in photos.



Avoid high shine in photos; this is where I can’t recommend Airbrush Makeup enough. You will get a high-definition flawless look that is perfect in photos. A translucent powder should be used but it cannot have silica particles in the ingredients as this will show up white in photos. By using a high definition airbrush makeup that is suitable for photography you will get the right look every time. Powder is really important on the day and I always recommend to my brides to have a touch-up powder for the day so they can avoid oil or shine in their photos.


If you are going to have a spray tan always get a natural looking glow and nothing too dark. You don’t want anything that is going to throw an orange base. Always choose a reputable company.


False lashes are an absolute must on the wedding day. They look so natural but absolutely glamorous at the same time. Your eyes open up and look so much brighter in photos. You will love false lashes. My recommendation is individual lashes as opposed to strip lashes for a more natural effect. Waterproof mascara is essential on the wedding day.



You need to wear lipstick or else you photos will look washed out. This is really important although steer clear of anything too bright and trendy. The most popular bridal colour is usually a dusty pink and a gloss can be applied on top if needed however, it’s usually best to avoid anything too glossy so that it doesn’t reflect too much shine in your photos.


Blush is also a necessity as it helps to create the perfect cheek bone. A professional makeup artist will contour and high light your face so that you can replicate the perfect face shape. A little shimmer can be added to the tip of the cheek bone but not to the apple of the cheek as this will look oily in photos. A nice touch is to bring the blush lightly into the eye shadow just above the natural crease. This ties the whole look together.


Eye makeup is where the creativity comes to fruition. You want to avoid anything too dark. By keeping it natural and accentuating the natural crease of the eye you will create a look that brightens and widens your eyes without detracting from them and making them look too dark and heavily applied. I love shimmers for weddings as they add the glamorous yet classic look we all aspire to achieve. They should be applied sparingly though. A tiny dot of white or cream shadow on the inner corner of the eye helps to brighten the eye. Don’t be afraid of colour although keep colours soft and avoid anything too outlandish or bold. The general rule is if you opt for a more dramatic smokey eye then avoid a lipstick that is too dark or bold. If you go for a lighter and more natural eye then you can go for a bolder look on the lips. Overall a natural smokey eye using browns rather than greys and a nude to dusty pink lip looks stunning and photographs perfectly.



When choosing your hairstyle make sure you remember your veil or headpiece if you’re wearing one as these items can determine the style you need to go for. Try not to cut your hair too close to the wedding and always go with your usual hairdresser not someone new just in case. Always have a trial as you may not like the hairstyle you have chosen. My suggestion is to go with something classic that won’t date. A soft romantic look is timeless as is the glamorous movie star look. A style that is tight and slicked back or too high on the head usually dates and only suits a small portion of girls. Make sure you keep in mind the way you wear your hair every day and what suits you when choosing a style. Also think about the dress and what is going to compliment the style. Keep the same colour in your hair and don’t try anything new too close to your wedding. Avoid any styles where hair can fall in your face. You can still keep the look soft but you want your face visible in your photos.


Make sure you gather inspiration with lots of photos of the look you want to achieve that way your stylist will know exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a good idea to email these to your stylist before the trial so they can prepare everything before they meet you.


We always focus on the bride and the bridesmaids for the big day but neglect to mention the men and I think this is a huge issue when it comes to weddings. I am a big advocate of organising a stylist for men for the day as well. That way they can get their hair styled and grooming done and yes they need grooming. Tinted moisturiser for men goes a long way as does some trimming of the eyebrows. The other thing to bear in mind is if all of the girls are getting spray tans, a light spray on the boys might not be a bad idea, as they can look very washed out in the photos standing next to perfectly tanned girls. Make sure they get a haircut at least a week out from the wedding as you don’t want the just cut look. Also remember the groom’s hands will be in the shots with the rings so a tidy up of the nails doesn’t go astray either.



Getting a professional makeup artist and hairstylist is worth every cent and make sure you have a trial. This way you will avoid disappointment. Choose someone with experience, research their website and look at their portfolio. This way you will see what their work looks like. By getting a professional on your wedding day you will ensure the level of stress is completely reduced. By having a trial you will know exactly what your hair and makeup will look like. If you’re unsure the best thing is to ask your stylist as they have copious amounts of experience and they will probably know before you do if the style you have chosen will suit you. Always discuss in the trial if the stylist will stick around at the end of getting ready to touch up the hair and makeup. This is really important as an extra spray of the hair spray or a bobby pin maybe needed. As well as a dash of lippie, pop on the veil and in my experience extra hands to help do up the dress or fix up some difficult shoes can be invaluable. And it always comes down to the old saying you get what you pay for so choose someone with experience who knows what they are doing and you can’t go wrong.

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