Prepping your hair for your wedding day…..

We are always asked what is the best preparation for your wedding day.

Here are a few tips for your hair preparation:

1. Have your hair coloured the week prior to your wedding. Make sure you have discussed the best colour for your hair with your hairdresser and have a test run a month or so prior.

2. If you have dark hair, consider having some very fine highlights put through your hair to emphasise the detail for your style/upstyle.

3. Having a trim is a good idea, schedule in a trim a month or so prior. No need to cut off too much hair if your hair is dry. Styling holds a lot better when your hair hasn’t been freshly cut.


4. A shine treatment is a fantastic idea to bring out the best in your hair. Discuss treatments with your hairdresser or buy a few home oil treatments to run through your hair in the months leading up to your wedding.

5. Permanent hair extensions are best when added to your hair as close to the wedding as possible. If you need to redo your extensions, do this as close to the wedding as possible.

6. Clip in hair extensions are fabulous for adding volume and length but are often hard to order in your exact colour. Make sure you purchase real hair extensions (synthetic extensions will not curl). Order these a few months out from your wedding and take them to your hairdresser to be tinted to your hair colour.


7. For optimum styling, wash your hair twice the day before the wedding and run conditioner through the ends and rinse. Dry before bed, or preferably blow-dry your hair. You can straighten your hair too if you wish, or leave it up to us on the day.

8. If you have very oily hair, avoid using conditioner anywhere near your roots, this adds to the oiliness and really, only the ends of your hair need conditioning. If you need to wash your hair the day of the wedding because of the oiliness, make sure you discuss this with your stylist at your hair trial.

9. Lastly, don’t forget your groom. We advise that grooms, groomsmen and father of the bride have their hair cut a week before the wedding, not the day before. Sometimes the cuts can be too short and won’t show up well in photos. A great idea is to book them in for a shave and style on the day of their wedding instead. Alternatively, we have stylists that can travel to your groom and his party to style their hair on the big day.


Follow these steps to beautiful locks on your wedding day and if you have any questions or need recommendations for hairdressers, please email us at

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