This Bridal Season Hair and Makeup Favourites


The Boho
Boho waves, braids, fishtails you name it are in this season. More relaxed hairstyles seem to be the pick for 2014. Brides no longer want slick back hairstyles they want feminine and romantic flowing styles that frame their face and accentuate their beauty.

The Chignon
Stylish chignons are a classic style that works perfectly with a veil. A head band or hairpiece can also add glamour to a chignon if you are wearing a veil. You can soften a chignon by making it a loose bun at the bottom of the neck as opposed to high on the head.

The Hairpiece
Jewels, headbands, flowers and hair pieces are always a popular look. The gorgeous bird cage is timeless and makes for a beautiful veil. The great thing is that there are so many different options out there that you don’t have to go for the traditional anymore.

The Half up down
Add a little height, some gorgeous curls and pin them back into a half up, half down style this is still a Bridal classic. It’s a great way to wear your hair down as well as keep it out of your face.

The bun
Still a popular style, using twists and curls to create a messy, just stepped out of bed look. Or a sleek ballerina bun for a chic look. Pair your style with smoky eyes for a smouldering look. Braids and fish braids add a touch of the relaxed beachy look. Brides are moving away from traditional buns and using styles that have many variations.

The Hollywood
The sculpted pintuck curls with a deep side part creates a modern feel that reflects old movie style glamour.

The Vintage
Always a popular look for weddings, loose curls, a romantic timeless look. Influenced by the 1920’s and onwards, vintage styles will always continue to be a great choice.

The Volume
Big updos and volume are still huge for this spring carried over from 2013 this is a popular look for a classic bride. A modern twist on a classic style is to add headbands, thin one’s to be precise or hair pieces to add a bit of bling. The old style Bee-hive has made a huge come back this wedding season.

The Side style
Making a reappearance this bridal season is the popular look from 2012 the side style. Messy buns, side chingnons, pin tuck curls, braided, waves and twists are all variations of the side style and suit most face shapes. A timeless style that creates gorgeous femininity and vintage style for any Bride or Bridesmaid.



The Bronze
Bronze is always on trend and natural tones mixed with bronze to create a beach goddess look is always gorgeous. The key here is to make sure the bronzer doesn’t have too much of an orange base as this will show up in photos and give an oily effect.

The Barely There
A very minimal sun kissed glow is one of the biggest trends for Brides these days. A nude lip and a peach highlighted blush will create a rosy glow without the look of heavy makeup. Natural tones are used so that it looks like there isn’t much makeup on the face. This is a very achievable look for Brides who are doing their own makeup.

The Pink and Peaches
Pinks and Peaches still remain popular with Brides as they add a touch of colour without drawing too much attention.

The Rose
Rose Gold is a big trend for the 2014 spring and summer season. Straight from the American and European runways we see Australian brides adopting this trend. Rose gold is very flattering for all skin tones and adds a hint of feminity but can still be incorporated with smokey eye shadows and heavier eye makeup looks. A big one for the Boho theme.

The Winged Look
Wings are still in this season mixed with classic vintage hairstyles. A red lip adds to the whole look replicating the sexy pin up style that we all love.

The Smoky Eye
An oldie but a goodie, the smoky eye is so versatile. You can create so many different looks and incorporate pretty much any colour to match your theme.

The Coral
Coral is definitely a popular colour for spring, Suiting most skin tones coral highlights and adds luminosity to the face.


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