Vendor Feature: Blackboard Artworx

Blackboard Artworx that custom made touch!

Over the next month we will be featuring vendors that we know, love and trust. We think they are amazing and we want to share their fabulous businesses with you.

Our first vendor is the talented Nina Johnson from Blackboard Artworx. We love Nina’s work as it is elegant, sophisticated and fun. Nina is so professional with her clients yet allows her creativity to shine through in each of her works of art. All of her pieces are unique allowing brides to create a signature style for their special day.

Blackboard Artworx {Est. 1996} can provide custom made, personalised and sealed blackboards and signage for your best day ever or big event. Because all of their creations are sealed, they can be freighted everywhere and anywhere.


Blackboard Art is the perfect way to welcome your guests! Blackboards can make great wedding ceremony programs & direction signs, seating charts, display special poems or sentiments, and menus. If you’re not keen on a black background ground, then Nina can simply tailor your sign to suit your wedding decor.

A beautiful idea is to use a blackboard to tell the bride and groom’s ‘Love Story’. Cute pictures can be inserted into the text to give a more personal touch.

Want everyone to put their phones and cameras away? Blackboard Artworx has a polite and pretty sign for this too! Unplugged wedding signs are becoming VERY popular and a huge trend in 2015.


Blackboard Artworx can also offer Ink and watercolour typography on paper offering a unique decorative piece for your bridal table, wedding gift or card.

Velbella can’t recommend Nina and Blackboard Artworx enough, her work is flawless, creative and fun allowing any bride to bring her individual style and let this shine through to all of her guests through the blackboard artwork. Nina is a great vendor to work with and will ensure that you are happy with her creation for your special day.

For more information about Nina’s wonderful blackboard creations head to the following:


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