Will you be royalty for 2015?

Will this trend hit Australian shores for 2015…….

Straight off the runway for 2015 brides is a brand new trend – BRIDAL CROWNS. Gone are the days of the basic tiara and we know that head pieces have certainly evolved over the past few years but will Australian brides embrace the new head wear???? We think they are pretty awesome and can definitely see them showing up in winter bridal inspiration for 2015. A step up from princess to queen a bridal crown offers a lovely mix of the traditional with a modern spin. Regarded by runways as a regal look that offers sophistication and style. The great part about the crown is it still gives brides a lot of options with hairstyle choices. With that in mind if you are considering wearing a crown or any head piece for that matter make sure you take it along to your trial so your hairstylist can make sure it will work with your chosen hairstyle. It reminds us of a very ‘Game of Thrones/Frozen’ inspired bride.

This trend was seen on bridal runways but was very prominent with the designers Ivy and Aster for their 2015 Fall/Autumn bridal runway shows.



We love it, what do you think???

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