Wet Weather Weddings

With all of this wet weather around, we thought we might give you a few beauty tips on how to beat the disappointment of a rainy wedding.

Being a bride and having put months and months of planning into such an event, can leave you feeling a little blue when you wake up to pouring rain on the day of your wedding.

Summer is the worst for these sorts of wet days, so take a few tips from us if you are planning a wedding in these hot steamy months…

1. Have a ‘wet weather’ hairstyle planned, particularly if you had your heart set on down and curls. Unfortunately, humidity and rain do nothing for this kind of look and often it’s best to change your hairstyle to an updo, to avoid “flopped” hair. No amount of hairspray and setting can get you out of this situation. You don’t want to look back at photos and see strangely messy hair. Give into the weather and just go with it, and having an upstyle will relieve you worrying about it dropping all day or getting wet.

2. Umbrellas are a must. Opt for the big umbrellas that give you maximum coverage and try to purchase them all in the same colour. This is a great option to add a bit of creativity and style to your wedding by choosing umbrellas that complement your overall theme.

3. Buy yourself and your bridesmaids a soft light shawl each. You can lightly place this over your hair and wrap it around your shoulders to protect yourselves in-between photos. Umbrellas are great for stopping the rain but if it is stormy or windy, a shawl is perfect to protect your hairstyles. They make fantastic photos too, a very 60’s look.

4. Make sure you ask for a waterproofing finishing spray to be added after your makeup is complete to avoid any makeup running. Airbrushing is amazing for longevity but it is unrealistic to think any makeup is completely waterproof. A good makeup artist will have a setting spray on hand to ensure your look is long lasting.

5. Avoid the elements and have an indoors location picked out as a backup for your “after wedding” photography. High heels will sink into grass very easily, damaging your beautiful bridal shoes, so perhaps some cute gumboots might be in order

They say rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck. I’ve heard that one too many times. I like to think that at the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is you and your fiancé, hand in hand taking those vows and being together rain, hail or shine. Don’t let the rain get you down, it can make beautiful photography and very romantic moments huddled closely together under umbrellas.

Follow our tips and embrace whatever will be and you won’t be disappointed.


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